The Hope Bible Church Sunday Bible Class Ministry exists as an essential part of Hope Bible Church’s teaching ministry to equip God’s people for service through a variety of meaningful courses in five core areas of study: Bible Exposition, Systematic Theology, Christian Life, Ministry Skill, and Church History & Religions. The purpose and objectives of the Sunday Bible Class ministry are rooted in Colossians 1:9-12 and fulfilled by the five core areas of study:

Bible Exposition – this core area focuses on verse by verse and thematic expositional teaching of the books of the Bible to fill students with a thorough knowledge of the Scriptures.

Systematic Theology — this core area focuses on presenting the wide array of biblical doctrines in an organized and coherent way to increase understanding and appreciation of biblical theology/Christian doctrine.

Christian Life — this core area focuses on providing training in Christian character, issues of life, and family discipleship to challenge believers to live a life worthy of the Lord.

Ministry Skill – this core area focuses on developing the spiritual gifts and ministry skills of the Body to be equipped for fruitful service for the building of Christ’s Church.

Church History & Religions – this core area focuses on educating Christians in the significant events/people throughout Church history as well as examining various religious movements to encourage believers of God’s faithfulness and equip them to discern and dismantle false teaching.

Sunday Bible Classes are offered during summer quarters only. During fall, winter and spring quarters, our Community groups meet starting at 9:30 am.