Do you want to get to know our missionaries better?  Do you want to practically serve them?  Your small group can be involved in praying and encouraging one of our missionary families. Already six HBC small groups have taken on this responsibility, but we are looking for more to be involved.

Why be involved?

At Hope Bible Church, we believe we must all obey our Savior’s Great Commission. One way we do this is being faithful senders of our missionaries. Our small groups have provided a great forum in which members can personally serve and encourage the missionaries we support. Several have already shared that this experience has been a great blessing because they have been able to get to know our missionaries and play an active role in supporting them.

How does it work?

Every interested small group is assigned one of our missionaries that they will learn about, pray for and serve. Each small group appoints a liaison who serves as the missions point person within that group. That person keeps the group updated on the missionaries’ progress, regularly shares prayer requests, and helps organize the sending of birthday cards and a yearly care package. There is also an opportunity for the group to participate in a yearly missions project, either to assist their assigned missionary or promote missions in general at Hope. Each year, the missionaries are redistributed among small groups so that those participating can get to know all of our missionaries. The goal through all of this is to be part of our missionaries’ work by faithfully caring for them through prayer and encouragement.

Want to be involved?

Perhaps your small group is not involved, but you would like to serve in this way.  Talk to your small group leader, and then contact Stephen Wreesman about participating. We would love to have more groups partnering with our missionaries in this way.

Therefore we ought to support people like these, that we may be fellow workers for the truth.3 John 8