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Name:Led By:
Administration Ross Levin
Advertising Ross Levin
Baptism Class Sean Mornan
Children's Ministry Brian Wilson
Cleaning Ministry Scott Fyfe
College & Career Group (FOCUSed) Scott Gatdula
Computer/Network Administration Desmond Fuller
Congregational Hospitality Tina Smith
Crown Biblical Financial Studies Ross Levin
Deacon Board Ross Levin
Dinner 8 Ministry Melvin Surguine
Discover Hope CDs Steve Kirchner
Elder Board Tom Leake
Facility Ministry Bill Waller
Family Discipleship Alan Plumley
Finance Committee Douglas Smith
Funerals Tom Leake
Grace Advance Mid-Atlantic Jon Stitzinger
Hope Academy Hong Fein
Membership Class Alan Plumley
Men's Accountability Group Karsten Miller
Men's Ministry Steve Kirchner
Missions - Spreading Hope Roderick Montgomery
Music Ministry Doug Baldridge
Parenting Class Alan Plumley
Precept Bible Studies Ann Cain
Preparation for Ministry (PFM) Tom Leake
Reception Desk (Administration) Colleen Cummings, Becky Levin
Resource Center Greg Ziegler
Small Groups Bruce Colkitt
Sunday Bible Classes Paul Beaudoin
Usher's Ministry Steve Brown
Visitors & Greeters Ministry Roger Zeender
Website Ministry Abbie Burnham, Eddie Zamora
Weddings Tom Leake
Wednesday Evening Services Tony Gatdula
Women's Ministry (Women of Hope) Belinda Fyfe
Worship Services Doug Baldridge
Youth Group (Anchored) Jason Lebo
This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast ~ Hebrews 6:19