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Hope Bible Church actively pursues worldwide evangelism, in accordance with Christ’s commission for His Church in fulfilling the mandate that He has given to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:18-20).  In order to accomplish this task, the Missions Ministry of Hope Bible Church, Spreading Hope, has established four objectives for the ministry: Partnering, Serving, Sending and Expanding.


We define our relationship with missionaries as a partnership, in that we intend to fully partner with them in ministry in every possible way, beyond mere financial support. To that end, we have intentionally limited the number of our missionaries to only a few, to give more deliberate attention to developing and growing our partnerships with them. The Missions Ministry is tasked with helping to develop and encourage this partnership process in our congregation. Currently, HBC partners with three missionary couples and sends out one short term missions team each year.

Click on one of the missionaries below to learn more about their ministries and their current prayer requests:

Medmission2000 (Philippines)
Juan and Marissa Moncayo (Ecuador)
Carey and Sharon Owen (Spain)
Steven and Leslie Schneider (Chile)
Stephen and Lisa Wreesman (Togo)


The Body of Christ is a serving body. Believers are commanded to love one another in tangible ways and by using the gifts that Christ left for the building up of His Church. Thus, the Missions Ministry is committed to serving the body in the area of missions involvement. We do that by encouraging members to “think globally” and by providing opportunities for members to be practically involved in Missions. Through our Small Group Mission Liaison Program and a yearly Missions Conference, members are reminded of and can be actively involved in worldwide evangelism.

Med Mission 2000 Team 2014Sending

Obedience to the mandate which Christ has given to His Church (Matthew 28:18-20) necessarily involves a response to the command to “go.” Thus, it is the desire of the Missions Ministry to provide opportunities for members to “go.”  We are in the process of developing opportunities for short term missions teams to go out from our congregation, in conjunction with our Missions partnerships.


Part of our Missions Ministry philosophy involves partnering with fewer ministries well. As a goal, we desire to set our focus on sending out missionaries from among the members of Hope Bible Church. Therefore, at this time we are not accepting applications for partnering with new ministries. Please pray for us as we endeavor to send “in a manner worthy” those willing to “go out for the sake of His name!” (3 John 6-7)


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