How & where
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Online Giving



Other Ways to Donate

Note: The options below allow 100% of your contribution to be used for the Kingdom’s work, unlike credit/debit card transactions of which the bank retains about 3%.


You can give by check during the worship service or through the mail (see address at bottom of page). Place your check, either by itself or within a giving envelope, into the offering plate. Envelopes can be found in the seatbacks or if you’re a member, they’re mailed to you bi-monthly. Be sure to note what your gift is for on the memo line of your check (i.e., Tithes & Offerings, Building Fund or Benevolence Fund)


Have your regular offering deducted from your checking account, either automatically or prompted by you online. Contact your bank or credit union for details.


Cash donations should not be sent through the mail. Place cash in a giving envelope indicating your name on the outside.


Online Giving


Why Giving is Important

Q. Isn’t it impersonal and unworshipful to give to the church online? Doesn’t the Bible command to “bring” the tithe?

Giving as an act of worship isn’t effected at the moment that a check is dropped into the offering plate. Worship in giving, like any other act of worship, is a matter of the heart. People can certainly be guilty of giving in a heartless, disconnected way online. But they can give in a heartless, disconnected way in person just as well. It is the responsibliity of the church leadership to teach and practice joyful, worshipful giving whether it is done with cash, checks, or online. It is the responsibility of the giver to love God and give towards His purposes with the proper motives. (2 Corinthians 9:7)

To bring the tithe doesn’t disqualify online giving any more than writing a check does. Checks aren’t the actual funds, they just represent the funds. The church must “go get” the person’s tithes and offerings through a process of bank deposits and the internal transfer of funds between the donor’s and the church’s bank accounts.

Consider similar concerns that existed when society moved from offering livestock, produce, and dry goods to the church, to then offering a piece of paper through a new and more convenient monetary system. That same type of transition is similar to what we’re experiencing today, but this time due to advancing technology. Nothing is better or worse about online giving from a biblical perspective! Again, it’s truly a matter of the heart!

Q. If the Bible discourages debt, why does Hope Bible Church accept credit card donations?

Used wisely, credit cards (in contrast to debit cards and electronic checks) can be efficient tools for making payments and purchases. Many people utilize them in place of paper checks or cash throughout the month, and then pay off their balances in full. Some who pay off their credit cards in full even enhance their stewardship by “using” credit cards to amass points for necessary travel, household items, etc., saving the money that would otherwise be required for airline tickets, appliances and the like. For these people, we offer the option of using a credit card to give. However, we strongly discourage and even admonish anyone who does not pay their credit card bills in full each month from incurring debt by using credit cards to donate to Hope Bible Church. (Proverbs 22:7)

Q. Why online giving? Are you moving away from cash and checks?

We know that physical cash and checks will be the primary monetary choice for giving for many years to come, and we continue to accept such gifts during our worship service’s regular offering. But a growing number of people desire the automation and consistency that online giving provides (even being able to give right from their cell phones!). In today’s culture many people have become very comfortable and even dependent upon online financial solutions. To NOT provide that solution for the technically inclined could hinder our ability to lead believers in their spiritual growth where giving is concerned.

A 2009 Federal Reserve study released in December 2010 revealed that with electronic payments now representing over three-quarters of all non-cash payments, the migration from paper to electronic payment methods shown in previous studies is continuing and in some cases at increasing rates. Currently, 90% of people under age 35 carry a debit card but the vast majority of this same group does not consistently carry a check book! We are committed to using every tool are at our disposal to reach, nurture, and inspire spiritual growth!

Finally, many people around the globe know of Hope Bible Church and of its strong commitment to the word of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Those who desire to support the mission of our church financially but who cannot do so conveniently because of their location or situation, now have the ability to prayerfully commit to our work in the gospel through this convenient process.


Gifts of Stocks

or Securities

Hope Bible Church welcomes the gift of stock and other securities. A gift of stock (or other appreciated property) entitles you to a tax deduction for the market value of the donated stock (not just your cost basis). If the stock you wish to donate has been held for more than one year, you can avoid capital gains tax on any appreciation of the stock by donating the stock prior to sale. Hope Bible Church benefits by selling the stock without paying taxes on the gain, and you benefit from making a contribution that would be larger than what you might have been able to donate in cash.

Before you decide to use securities to make a gift, please consider the following information:

  • If your security has increased in value, you normally DO NOT want to sell your security, but instead transfer the shares “in kind” to Hope Bible Church. This may enable you to avoid paying income tax on the growth (capital gain). As a result, you will be making a larger gift and receiving a larger tax deduction.
  • If your investment has decreased in value, then it is usually better for you to sell your investment first, realize the loss, and use the cash from the sale of the securities to make your gift to Hope Bible Church. This may offer you an opportunity to deduct the loss in value of your investment on your tax return. You will still receive a tax deduction equal to the size of your gift, but the loss in value of the investment can also be used (with limitations) to offset other investment gains or income when you complete your income tax return.

Please note that Hope Bible Church and its employees do not give legal, tax, or accounting advice. Tax laws and regulations are complex and depend on individual circumstances. For complete details, consult your attorney, accountant, and/or tax advisor. To arrange for the transfer of stock to Hope Bible Church, please contact the church’s administrator, Ross Levin.