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The GAMA Bible Institute has two distinct goals:

1. To promote quality Biblical education for believers who want to learn God’s word at a deeper level
2. To strengthen the local church through solid Biblical and theological training

Why attend the Grace Advance Bible Institute?

As a cooperative educational venture between churches, the Institute has the advantage of using a variety of degreed pastors. These pastors currently serve in ministry and together, they provide greater cumulative expertise on each subject. These pastor-teachers who are likeminded in theology and philosophy of ministry instruct students in four broad areas of study: Biblical Studies, Theology, Ministry, & a category including Church History, Religions/Cults, and Apologetics. Classes are offered throughout the year and are conveniently offered on Saturdays at a very reasonable cost while providing extensive class notes, up-close interaction between teachers and students, and rich fellowship.

Because all courses are designed for personal education and leadership development, you are welcome to complete as many or as few courses as you wish.

Also, please note that a person does not have to be a leader or even have been in leadership training at your church in order to participate in the GAMA Bible Institute.

Instructors and Course Structure

All course instructors are seminary-trained men and are pastors or elders in churches in the mid-Atlantic region.

Our objective is to offer quality courses; that is, they are not meant to be easy survey courses. Rather, they are filled with indepth content and are designed specifically for your leaders and developing leaders.

Classes are held at Hope Bible Church in Columbia, MD two times a month on Saturdays from 8:30AM – 2:30PM. At the discretion of each course instructor, there may be additional classroom time.

Class Schedule


The cost for each course is $20.

Application Process / Questions

For questions or to apply for the GAMA Bible Institute and attend classes, please contact us.