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Ministry Philosophy

Ministry Philosophy

The central commitment of Hope Bible Church is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Head of the Universal Church. This is clearly the role of the church as expressed in the Bible. In order to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ we follow the Bible’s threefold purpose for the church:

WORSHIP: To worship God in spirit and truth, praising and thanking Him from our hearts and giving Him all the glory and honor due His name;

DISCIPLESHIP: To build up each believer in faith, godliness, and love, motivating the whole body to perform good works and service towards God;

EVANGELISM: To reach out to the lost with the Good News about Jesus Christ, speaking the truth in love, calling sinners to turn from their sin and embrace Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Scripture also teaches us how those objectives should be accomplished and what convictions the local church should maintain as it grows and strengthens from generation to generation.

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